Robot Transport × Electrostatic Chucks

HOMERobot Transport × Electrostatic Chucks

Robot Transport × Electrostatic Chucks

Creative Technology’s electrostatic chucks can be custom-made to suit the robot. By using it in combination with various robots, it will contribute to labor-saving and IoT in all fields, such as automation, reduction of takt time, and improvement of productivity.

The ZEUS ZERO series robots for factory automation. Robot for factory automation Insert after completion of the “ZEUS ZERO” series. For inquiries regarding the installation in Japan, please use the inquiry form.

“High-Speed Transport” EPSON SCARA robot × Electrostatic Chuck

Transporting 3D objects with soft grippers

We can propose electrostatic chucks in a variety of forms, such as bulk proposals for electrostatic chucks including robots, and custom-made designs tailored to existing robots.
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