2022 New graduate hiring company information session is being held!

A message to everyone who is considering applying!

To all of you from Director and General Manager of Sales Department Masaru Ozawa and Sales Department Taiga Dozono
To all of you from Masatoshi Nakamura, Director of Yokkaichi Sales Office

Introduction of employees

  • Name Y. Kanno
    Year of employment April 2017
    Place of work Kawasaki R&D Center
    Affiliated Research and Development Department 2nd Group

    Please tell me about the atmosphere of the workplace!
    I think that it is a casual workplace that is easy to work in, without the formal hierarchal culture. I am now working with programming and image processing. There are many things I don’t understand and it’s difficult at times, but it’s very rewarding to study and gain knowledge little by little and I enjoy working here. In addition, there are opportunities to travel abroad since the R&D department exhibits at various exhibitions. I’ve gone several times and have been very inspiring to see the state-of-the-art exhibits.

  • Name M. Watanabe
    Year of employment April 2019
    Place of work Miyazaki Factory
    Affiliated Inspection Group, Miyazaki Manufacturing Division, Manufacturing Department

    Please tell me about the atmosphere of the workplace!
    I think that it is an environment where it is easy to work because employees are kind and bright. Even if department is different, it is fun getting to know colleagues through common topics and getting to talk to partners outside of the company. When I joined the company, I was worried about all the things I didn’t know, but now my knowledge is increasing little by little and I find my job rewarding.

  • Name K. Yajima
    Year of employment April 2020
    Place of work Shiga Factory
    Affiliated Manufacturing Division

    Please appeal about the company!
    I enjoy my work. There are a wide variety of business contents, not only manufacturing and inspection, but also start-up, process management, material procurement, etc. There are various experiences that can be obtained. Also, communication under a pandemic is difficult. When I joined the company in a difficult situation, I was full of anxiety about getting used to the environment, but thanks to all the kind people. I got used to it immediately.

  • Name K. Sawamura
    Year of employment July 2018
    Place of work Kyoto Factory
    Affiliated 1st Sales Department 1st Group

    Please tell me when you find your job rewarding!
    We hold meetings with our customers, and we work together with internal members to create drawings and propose proposals that exceed customer requirements while making minor modifications. It is very rewarding when my proposals are selected.

  • Name A. Mogi
    Year of employment February 2018
    Place of work Kawasaki R&D Center
    Affiliated Ataraina Division

    Please tell me how rewarding your job is!
    The Ataraina Division plans and sells consumer products centered on its own brand “ataraina”. I am mainly involved in product sales, but I find it rewarding to be able to work in a wide range of fields because I can interact with people from various industries and have an environment where I can actively incorporate new things.

  • Name T. Yoshida
    Year of employment June 2019
    Place of work Kawasaki R&D Center
    Affiliated Second Sales Department

    Please tell me how rewarding your job is!
    I am in charge of developing new markets. The electrostatic adsorption technology, which is our strength, has been used for many years in the semiconductor field, but we are working on our work every day through trial and error to find out how we can utilize this technology in fields other than semiconductors. We often receive unprecedented inquiries from our customers, so there are many difficult tasks, but when we can propose technologies and products that other companies cannot imitate, we feel a great sense of accomplishment.

  • Name N. Kataoka
    Year of employment April 2020
    Place of work Kawasaki R&D Center
    Affiliated Second Sales Department

    Please tell me how rewarding your job is!
    I am entrusted with many tasks such as customer visits, exhibition preparation, and web marketing, and I have a lot of things to study, but when my thoughts lead to work, I feel a sense of accomplishment. It can be difficult because you have to think and act on your own every day, but I feel that creative technology provides an environment that keeps you motivated to work.

  • Name Thomas(From France)
    Year of employment September 2020
    Place of work Kawasaki R&D Center
    Affiliated Research and Development Department

    Please tell me how rewarding your job is!
    I am mainly in charge of research and development of consumer products. The work of the R & D department allows you to propose your own ideas without hesitation, so you can train your thinking and creativity. I find it very rewarding to be able to proceed with the project independently while discussing various things with seniors with various specialties.


  1. Q1How is your hiring process?

    It takes about two to three weeks from the time you apply to joining the company. In addition, please consult with us if you are currently employed.

  2. Q2How is your training system?

    With regard in gaining your technical skillset, we conduct on-site training. You may also be asked to participate in external seminars.

  3. Q3Are there any transfers to other locations?

    There are no defined transfers, but there can be inter-department transfers within each location.

  4. Q4How is the office culture of your company?

    In addition to professional engineers, there are also people who’ve joined us from many different industries. Everyone has a lot of professional experiences, so it’s easy to talk with your colleagues whether it’s your job-related concerns or your personal life.

  5. Q5Do you have assignments abroad or international business trips?

    Many departments, regardless of gender, have opportunities to work overseas or travel overseas.

  6. Q6Do I need language skills to perform my work?

    It is not a requirement, but since there are many interactions with foreign countries, it is possible to use them if you have the language ability.