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Backed by more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor and FPD (Flat Panel Display) industry, we have been developing electrostatic chucks for glass bonding equipments. The inherent insulating properties of glass and quartz can be problematic during electrostatic de-clamping. To overcome this unintended static sticking, we offer solutions optimizing dielectric materials and internal electrode patterns. Feel free to contact us for your prototype design to mass production needs.

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  1. Q1 Is it possible to chuck with insulators?

    Yes, it is possible. The clamping force can be tailored by optimizing the internal electrode design of the electrostatic chuck to your material.

  2. Q2Aren’t the electrostatic chuck often easily damaged by broken glass fragments?

    We provide customized designs to minimize physical damage to the electrostatic chuck. We also offer repair and refurbishment services in case of broken electrostatic chucks.

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