Metal Mesh and Metallic Foil

HOMEMetal Mesh and Metallic Foil

Suitable for: Thin Foils and Perforated Metal, such as aluminum and copper

Are you having trouble getting sufficient grip strength using a vacuum chuck with your thin metal foil or perforated metal parts? An electrostatic chuck can solve the problem! Our extensive experience with static electricity robot hands can help your factory automation needs. Feel free to contact us directly.

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  1. Q1Vacuum chucks sometimes leave suction marks on the workpiece. What about electrostatic chucks?

    Since electrostatic chucks uniformly grip the entire material only on its surface, there are no residual marks on the object during pick-up.

  2. Q2When using a vacuum chuck to pick and place perforated metal, it fails to pick or take two pieces erroneously. What about electrostatic chucks?

    Since the electrostatic force grips objects only on its contacting surface, it cannot take multiple pieces at once. An electrostatic chuck is highly recommended if you want to pick objects one by one.

  3. Q3Can I combine use of electrostatic chuck and automated robots?

    No problem. We offer custom-made design of electrostatic chucks tailored to your automation strategy. In addition, we provide dedicated customizable power supplies of which can be triggered by external signal inputs.

If you have any other general questions about electrostatic chucks, please click here.

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