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Gently wraps and chucks objects

“Soft Gripper”

A Soft Gripper is a new-concept handling tool that adds an electrostatic chucking function to a proprietary flexible material.

Conventional electrostatic chucks are generally solid and flat in shape to chuck flat objects such as silicon wafers and glasses. However, in recent years, the global trend toward automation and labor-saving has required the handling of a wide variety of objects, and we have received requests to chuck objects of various shapes, including three-dimensional shapes. To meet these demands, we have developed a handling technology that adds friction force and electrostatic chucking force to a uniquely developed flexible material. Consider installing a soft gripper that gently wraps the object and reduces damage to the object during gripping.

Image of the Soft Gripper

Examples of chucking objects

Apple / about 300g

Tomato / about 150g

Paper balloon

Jam jar / about 200g