Dust and Particles

HOMEDust and Particles

Suitable for: Airborne Dust and Particles

Our particle collector is an electrostatic chuck engineered to collect dust and particles in mid-air. It can be used for various applications, such as for reducing contamination, dust particle monitoring, as well as for simply cleaning air. In addition, it can be used not only in atmospheric environments but also in vacuum environments.

We have developed a wide range of consumer products to enhance your quality of air, which incorporates our in-house electrostatic technology. For example, the OiSHi mobile air purifier uses our proprietary electrostatic collection filter, and the Flying Magic Cleaner, removes dust from the air while flying.

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Compatible electrostatic chuck (s)


  1. Q1What particle sizes can it collect?

    For all General Use, Clean Room and Vacuum equipment product series, our particle collectors can all capture down to submicron level particles.

  2. Q2What kind of particles can it collect?

    It can collect all kinds of particles regardless of its material conductivity, such as metal, polymers and cotton dust, but not suitable for very large or/and heavy particles.

  3. Q3What are your standard dimensions?

    For general environments, ISO A3 size and A2 size are available. In addition, it can be customized within a maximum dimension of 1800 x 900 mm. We also offer clean room and vacuum compliant particle collectors.

  4. Q4What are the difference between General Use, Clean Room and Vacuum Equipment?

    For semiconductor and FPD industries, and for vacuum environments, we recommend our Clean Room and Vacuum Equipment series, respectively, as the components consist of using only industry-grade materials. For all other uses, we recommend General Use.

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