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  • Various Semiconductor Wafers

    We have more than 25 years of experience in various wafer clamping and transport, including Silicon wafers.

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  • Glass and Quartz

    Extensive experience in material transport of insulators such as glass and quartz. We offer various solutions to help smooth clamping, de-clamping, and material handling using our patented technologies.

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  • Metal Mesh and Metallic Foil

    Leave it to Creative Technology to pick-and-place obscure, thin and hard-to-grip materials.

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  • Cloth Fabric, Non-woven Fabric, Carbon Fiber

    We propose engineering solutions to increase throughput for your automated production line.

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  • Polymer Film

    Numerous experiences to help your film bonding and film transport needs.

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  • Dust and Particles

    Actively capture airborne dust and particles in your atmospheric or vacuum environment to improve yield.

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  • Pulp Papers and Photo Paper

    The electrostatic chuck is used not only for transport and inspection of materials in industrial applications, but also can be a convenient and a safe functional bulletin board that can be pasted, and peeled off without the use of adhesives.

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  • Others

    If you have any problems with clamping, material transport, or material handling, feel free to contact us.

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