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In recent years, various functional films have become more thin and lightweight due to the need for smaller, lighter, and denser electronic devices. Electrostatic chucks are suitable for pick and place of such films, and are used in various applications such as bonding equipment, transport equipment, and inspection stage equipment. We also offer peripheral equipment to power the electrostatic chucks (power supply, cable, power supply method, etc.). Feel free to contact us directly.

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  1. Q1What kinds of film can be picked up?

    Chucking is possible regardless of the type and material of the film, but chucking force may vary depending on the condition of the film, such as material hardness, thickness, warping, and wrinkles. We can conduct chucking trials to check material compatibility in advance. Feel free to contact us.

  2. Q2Can I combine use of electrostatic chuck and automated robots?

    No problem. We offer custom-made design of electrostatic chucks tailored to your automation strategy. In addition, we provide dedicated customizable power supplies of which can be triggered by external signal inputs.

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