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In-line cleaning of particles on the stage

eRaser Disk

In the semiconductor field, with the miniaturization and sophistication of electronic devices such as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones, there is a demand for smaller, higher-quality semiconductor devices. Naturally, the circuits that determine the performance of devices are becoming more and more miniaturized, so particles at a level that was not considered a problem in the past have become a major problem in recent years.

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment is an extremely expensive facility, and an unplanned shutdown of the equipment will not only reduce production but also cause significant economic losses. In particular, the presence of particles on the pin chuck or electrostatic chuck, which is the processing stage, can cause process errors and equipment shutdowns. In general, particles are removed by in-line cleaning (dummy run) using a dummy wafer, but for particles that cannot be removed even with a dummy run, the equipment is stopped, and manual cleaning work is performed. However, the reality is that it takes a lot of time to recover the equipment.

To overcome this situation, Creative Technology has developed an eRaser Disk as an in-line stage cleaning tool for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. By coating the silicon wafer with a special resin, the particle removal performance is improved, contributing to the reduction of dummy run time and the frequency of equipment shutdowns.

Image of the eRaser Disk

Feature of the eRaser Disk

1.Constructed of materials proven in vacuum processes.

eRaser Disks are made up of materials that have proven themselves in the vacuum process.

2.Compatible with various stages.

It can be used for various stages such as pin chucks and electrostatic chucks mounted on semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

3.Can be used repeatedly.

The surface of the special resin coating is adhesive-free. It can be used repeatedly by simply wiping off the adhering particles on the surface.

4.Dust capture near the edge is also possible.

A special elastic resin coating is used to contact not only the flat surface of the stage but also the edges to capture particles.

It also captures dust adhering to the edge surface of the air hole and prevents errors caused by dust.

5.Custom-made designs are also available.

In addition to general 4~12 inch wafers, we also support custom-made designs. It is also possible to support notches and orientation flats on the provided wafers. Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.