Various Semiconductor Wafers

HOMEVarious Semiconductor Wafers

Suitable for: Silicon and Other Materials

We have more than 25 years of experience in electrostatic chucks for silicon wafers and other various materials. To solve your complex problems, we listen to your specifications and its intended use before proposing solutions not only for the electrostatic chucks but also its related peripheral components to optimize use.

Please feel free to consult us from trial production to mass production, as we also provide individual support from new development to improvement of existing products (improvement of functions and extended life).

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  1. Q1Is it possible for use the chuck in a high-temperature environment?

    Yes, it is possible, but there are limits to its operating temperature. We will offer you a tailored proposal matching your temperature specifications and its intended use.

  2. Q2Is it possible to pick and place thin wafers?

    Yes. Electrostatic chucks generate a uniform force over the entire suction surface, so even thin workpieces can be chucked and transported without damages.

  3. Q3I’m having issues with minimizing wafer temperature variation and its thermal management. Can you help me?

    We can offer proposals tailored for your desired temperature range and its targeted temperature profile, such as chucks with embedded cooling designs and built-in heaters.

  4. Q4I’m having trouble with excessive particles on the backside of the wafer and need help.

    We offer particle-reduction solutions from a variety of aspects, including optimization of surface material, material finishing, and contact area management of electrostatic chucks.

  5. Q5I want to chuck thin wafers in atmospheric pressure and transfer them directly into the vacuum process chamber.

    Please consider our cordless electrostatic chuck (Handheld Electrostatic Carrier).

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