Pulp Papers and Photo Paper

HOMEPulp Papers and Photo Paper

Suitable for: Pulp Papers and Photo Paper

In recent years, we have received strong interest regarding our electrostatic robot hands in automating production, pick-and-place, and sorting activities. When using vacuum suctions, wrinkles and deformation caused during picking can create critical quality issues. On the other hand, electrostatic chucking can resolve such problems since the entire surface is uniformly adsorbed.

We have also developed and commercialized a new electrostatic bulletin board “ESCLIP”, which negates the use pushpins or magnets. Stay tuned for our new consumer product line which adopts our in-house electrostatic technology.

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  1. Q1Is it possible to carry any type of paper?

    In addition to ordinary copy paper, other compatible materials include tissue paper, cardboard, Japanese washi paper, and most pulp papers. Please note picking performance may vary on its surface area in contact and the condition of the material, especially warping and flatness conditions.

  2. Q2Can I combine use of electrostatic chuck and automated robots?

    No problem. We offer custom-made designs of electrostatic chucks tailored to your automation strategy. In addition, we provide dedicated customizable power supplies of which can be triggered by external signal inputs.

  3. Q3Where can I purchase the electrostatic display board “ESCLIP”?

    In addition to our direct sales online shop, you can also purchase it on Rakuten and Amazon. Please see link from our Sales Subsidiary website from the link below.

If you have any other general questions about electrostatic chucks, please click here.

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