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Ion Pad Technology

Our Ion Pad is a unique dual layer structure, consisting of a special resin coating on a polymer-based material. When used to grip objects, a unique chemical and physical intermolecular binding force is generated between the Ion Pad and the target object. Because it solely uses the coupling force intrinsic of the material surface, it does not require external energy supply such as electricity or vacuum when gripping the object. It is a new gripping mechanism that eliminates the need for electrical wiring and air piping and can greatly simplify equipment. It is also an environmentally friendly and clean product.


Main types

There are two types of Ion Pad: Adhesive Type with smooth surface finish and Non-adhesive Type with rough surface finish. Adhesive Type is mainly used for gripping of glass and film, whereas Non-adhesive Type is used for anti-slip purposes. We offer customized Ion Pad designs depending on the work object, expected usage, and its use environment.

Adhesive Type

Can be used for bonding glass or flat panel display.

Non-adhesive (non-slip) Type

Can be used as an anti-slip feature, such as when transporting silicon wafers.


Type Adhesive Type Non-adhesive (non-slip) Type
Gripping surface Material Special resin coating
Thickness 0.1mm or 1.0mm
*Does not include backup film or base material
Rubber Hardness 55
Impurities Na: 0.56ppm
Al: 0.53ppm
Fe: 3.2ppm
Ni: 0.07ppm
Zn: 0.16ppm
*Test method: ICP-MS
Conditions of use Temperature 0°C to 100°C 0°C to 150°C
Environment Atmosphere, vacuum and other gas atmosphere
Gripping Force* Type 4 φ3mm Pads 4 φ3mm Pads
Peeling Force MIN 100gf
Peel force after 50gf for 5 sec
Appx 0gf
Peel force after 50gf for 5 sec
Slippage Force MIN 60gf
Initial force for Silicon wafer to slip (with 50gf counterweight)
MIN 60gf
Initial force for Silicon wafer to slip (with 50gf counterweight)

*Gripping Force is solely a measurement value under above conditions. It is a reference value, and it is not a guaranteed value.

Application Examples

Hybrid Chuck for Glass Gripping

*This product is a hybrid chuck of electrostatic chuck and Ion Pad.

Dimensions Ion Pad: φ5mm x 0.1mm (total of 204 locations)
ESC: 300mm×250mm
Material Composition Base: A5052P
ESC: Polyimide
Pad: Special resin coating
Gripping object Glass substrate
Environment Both atmospheric and vacuum

High-speed Transport End Effector

Dimensions Ion Pad: φ3mm x 1.0mm (total of 4 locations)
Material Composition Base: Al2O3
Pad: Special resin coating
Gripping object Silicon wafer, sapphire, and quartz glass
Environment Both atmospheric and vacuum

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