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In recent years, we have received strong interest regarding our electrostatic robot hands in automating production, pick-and-place, and sorting activities. In the case of fabric, fiber direction, weave direction, thickness, length of fabric hair, and shape are all critical factors in the product’s final quality. Especially when using vacuum chucks to pick-and-place highly breathable fabrics, pick-up failures and multiple pick-up errors reduce yield and throughput. For carbon fiber materials, vacuum chucking may disrupt fiber direction and its modulus of elasticity may be reduced inadvertently.

Based on the expertise we have cultivated over the years, we can propose electrostatic chucks to match your needs. Feel free to contact us directly.

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  1. Q1The vacuum chuck I am using picks up more than one piece of the stacked fabric. Is there a solution?

    Electrostatic chucks can eliminate multiple pick up regardless of the fabric breathability. However, if the pick-up error is caused by static electricity, fabric entanglement and/or friction between the fabrics, we may consider incorporating additional mechanical assist mechanisms.

  2. Q2Can I combine use of electrostatic chuck and automated robots?

    No problem. We offer custom-made design of electrostatic chucks tailored to your automation strategy. In addition, we provide customizable dedicated power supplies of which can be triggered by external signal inputs.

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