HOMENewsComing Soon!! Manage air with ”Serenite”

Coming Soon!! Manage air with ”Serenite”

2022/12/26 Defend quietly from airborne particles! Air particle collector ”Serenite”

 Let us introduce to you our new product Serenite.
The product concept is “Defend quietly from airborne particles”.
Serenite was originally developed for industrial applications coined as the “Particle Collector”,
specifically for the semiconductor industry used in vacuum equipment and clean rooms,
where even the smallest airborne dust particles are not permitted.
 Serenite attracts and catches dust in the air by generating an electrocstatic force.
Since Serenite does not use any active fans or motors,
it is able to purify the air silently with very low energy consumption.

Serenite’s outer frame is made from bamboo and handcrafted by traditional artisans in Japan.
It owes its unique feel to an ancient technique handed down from generation to generation providing a sense of calamity.
This product is a unique blend combining the delicate bamboo frames assembled
by craftspeople and our cutting-edge electrostatic technologies.

Please give us your feedback to further improve Serenite.