Standard electrostatic chucks are now available for material handling, inspection application, etc.

◆Lineup of 2 types that are active in multi-purpose
◆Fast delivery times(Minimum 1 week)*1
◆Low cost due to no design required
◆There is a tapped hole for mounting on the back side
◆Compatible with all our power supplies

*1 You need to make sure when you order from overseas.

In response to feedback from many customers, we have released a standard electrostatic chuck. In the past, we only proposed custom-made products, but with the release of standard products, it is now possible to provide products with short delivery times and low cost. In addition, we still accept custom-made products, so please use them according to your situation.


Surface material resin
Recommended applications Hand for transport / Inspection stage for fixing, etc…
External dimensions W310mm×D220mm×H6mm
Chucking area W297mm×D207mm
Weight About 1.2kg
Base material A5052P
Usage environment Only in atmospheric conditions.
Temperature Room temperature (Recommended: 15~30℃)
Humidity Recommended: 30~70%
Lineup Orange Black
Model No. MM-ESC Orange-A4 MM-ESC Black-A4
Operating voltage ~DC±1.8kV ~DC±2.5kV
Max applied voltage Max DC±2.0kV Max DC±3.0kV
Recommended workpieces Insulator (depending on material) / Conductor / Ferroelectric Conductors / Ferroelectrics
Product drawings If you wish, please contact us using the inquiry form.


Orange Black Backside(common)