Machining services

HOMEMachining services

We are capable of material processing of a wide variety of materials of various shapes and sizes.

Machining technology

Our semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts, such as “electrostatic chucks” and “ion equipment parts”, incorporate our fine, high-precision machined parts using various materials of various sizes.

Metalworking samples

Thermoplastic samples

Micrometer grade dimension control is achieved in many of these sub-components. We perform special precision machining only after fully understanding the characteristics of each material and its usage in final assembly,

Ceramic machining samples

Microfabrication samples of high melting point materials

Machining technology

Material classification and examples that can be processed

Thermoplastics Polyimide, nylon, fluorine, etc.
High purity, high melting point metals Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, etc.
High purity ceramic materials Alumina, zirconia, aluminum nitride, sapphire, etc.